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03/19/14 11:43 AM #11    

Sherry Schaefer (Duling)

Love love love the video on Sherry V.....really enjoyed this. Great JOB Sherry!


03/19/14 11:53 AM #12    

Karen Newell (Bosch)

Way to go Sherry!!  What a dream job.  You have been all over the world!  Just goes to show, you never know what the future will bring.  Keep on having fun, it keeps you young!

03/24/14 07:55 PM #13    


Carolyn Alexander (Merckling)

Sounds  like you found the perfect job for yourself.  You love those kids and they love you!  

What a neat way yo live!


03/25/14 02:27 PM #14    


Pam Roscoe (Lower)

Just got a chance to see the video Sherry - how fantastic. I've been going to let you know too how much I enjoyed watching you at the reunion. I didn't get a chance to visit with you, but your smile and wonderful attitude lit up every room you entered. You're a dear and just seeing you made me smile. What a gift you have, thanks!!


03/25/14 09:04 PM #15    


Judy Hunt (Mitchell Petero)



    Hope you are using a digital recorder to get those life stories captured -- or writing in a Journal. What a book you could write when you get to be about 78!  Enjoyed the video immensely!



04/19/14 07:43 AM #16    


L Russ Wilcox

Dear Classmates:

I take time each year on this day to reflect on experiences on April 19, 1995.

I was sitting in my 11th floor office in downtown Oklahoma City, & had just stood up to go notify my Secretary that I was going to a meeting in another building, when I suddenly found myself laying flat on the floor, with broken glass covering my body.  As I stood up and looked out my shattered office window, I saw smoke rising from the Murrah Federal Office building across the street.

As I turned to go outside my office to check on my co-workers, I heard a second "rumble" and watched (in horror) as the whole front side of that building collapsed before my eyes.

What happened next can only be described as total panic and chaos. People outide were running around, screaming and the half-dozen or so associates in my department were mostly in tears, not yet realizing what had happened. 

Within what seemed like minutes (but may have been longer) we were ordered to evacuate our building. After I finally made it home that evening,  I spent several hours picking glass out of my hair (I still had some then), clothing, and even my underwear!

It was not until the next morning, and only with a pass issued by the FBI and local police, that we were allowed back into our building to secure and restore our Computer and Telephone switching equipment, and to set up communications equipment for the rescue workers. 

Over the next few days, we witnessed human remains being removed from the rubble and laid out on a lawn with playground equipment behind the building - some of the bodies were very small.  By the third day, there was a strong "smell of death" in the air for blocks around.

Not since my time in Vietnam, had I experience anything like this.  Indeed, the explosion and terror following this event was much more intense than anything I witnessed at the Marine compound at DaNang.

I (personally) did not know any of the persons who perished in this attack by Timothy McVeigh, but found myself in the position of having to console co-workers who had lost Brothers, Sisters and other relatives.

Thanks for allowing me share this.

04/20/14 12:05 PM #17    

Don Hervey

Russ, thanks for posting.  We lived in Edmond, OK at the time and the blast was heard at our house 19 miles away.  My office was 5 miles from the blast and the concussion blew the doors open and cause ceiling tiles to rise and fall down.  What a terrible tragedy!  I can only imagine what you saw and the images that you live with.  I, too, live with some vivid images from Vietnam but for the grace of God they do not hinder my life like they do many of our fellow Vietnam veterans.

04/21/14 09:20 AM #18    

Mike Powell


That was quite a post. It honestly leaves me without words. All I can say is I am glad you were not injured and if only all the others had been spared as well.

Take care of yourself,


04/21/14 11:24 AM #19    

Sherry Schaefer (Duling)


Thank you for sharing your story! I know this must still be a strong memory. God bless your soul.


04/21/14 11:57 AM #20    


Judy Hunt (Mitchell Petero)


I realize I'm a little late with this. But I hope to see you soon -- and give you a hug. If only it were that easy to help you forget.

Judy Hunt Mitchell

04/23/14 11:32 AM #21    


Phillip X. Madrid

Russ, I had an Aunt and Uncle that lived in Oklahoma City at the time. My Uncle was retired military and my Aunt worked in the building at the time. She was home that faitful day getting ready for a doctors appointment when the blast was reported and she went out to her driveway to witness the smoke plume raising above downtown at that very moment. She lost several long time co-workers and friends that day and truly never got over that day wondering "why." The Good Lord includes each and everyone of us in His "greater than able to explain plan" that we has for us.

06/08/14 09:38 AM #22    


L Russ Wilcox

Posted at the request of Classmate Glenn Perry:

12/05/14 10:53 AM #23    


L Russ Wilcox

I've been trying my hand at writing since we've move to the Islands.  Here is my first attempt:


12/06/14 10:33 AM #24    

Mike Powell


I'd say pretty good for your first effort, kept me interested all the way through. Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of in your career.

Our generation was fortunate to span two eras, pre and post machine computation. I think it gave us a broad, valuable range of experience; we were savvy to the work requirements down at the coal face and could tell what would and would not be of value in new implementations.


12/06/14 10:35 AM #25    

Michael Berry

Congratulations Russ:

I've saved the writings to my computer, only because I want to be the first to do so; yer liable to be "famous" in awhile with this thing. ;O)

I'd like to thank you for your bravery in writing such a piece Russ. You see most of us only tell the stories, we never get around to the documenting such escapades.

Take care and have a wonderful and blessed CHRISTmas.

Michael Berry

12/06/14 11:14 AM #26    


L Russ Wilcox

Mike B & Mike P:

Thanks for the kind words. 

Believe it or not, you still need something to occupy your time here in between the beach and just enjoying the nice weather & view.  I've never had any formal training for writing.  I hope that future pieces will show improvement in technique & style. 

Next time,  I would like to try something written in other that first person (sounds a bit narcisistic when I read it back to myself).  That will certainly be a bigger challenge, once I find some good subject matter.

12/06/14 07:41 PM #27    

W. Kent Laughman

NICE job Russ. You kept my interest up.  Thanks for sharing some of your life's working experiances with us it's much apreciated.   Your friend, Kent Laughman 


PS: Like so many of your other friends I'm going to save this but one thiing troubles me.....How do I get your autograph so I'll have one of the signend originals after your syndicated?

12/07/14 04:49 AM #28    


L Russ Wilcox

Kent:  I have no illusions about that happening-just trying to stay creative and fill some time..  Thanks for positive comment-they are always nice to hear.

12/15/14 05:41 AM #29    


L Russ Wilcox

Many thanks to Robin Kime Lee for sharing this wonderful Vietnam Wall website:





03/01/15 10:43 AM #30    


L Russ Wilcox

Reposted due to recent changes to how our website plays videos:



04/25/16 10:30 PM #31    

Ansel Stauffer

We were in PalmSprings that week ,but recorded the segment. Enjoyed seeing your place and were so glad that your Wife was able to live he Dream of living on a tropical Island.. So very sorry to her about her passing.Do take care of yourself , it looks like you have a good support system .       

Ansel & Bonnie 



04/26/16 07:40 AM #32    


L Russ Wilcox

Thanks Ansel.  Life is good here.

08/24/16 07:34 PM #33    


Phillip X. Madrid

It's fast approaching one year since we moved back to Texas. The wife and I are getting about that age where we thought it was about time the kids took care of us. We really loved being back in Topeka, about 10 or 12 years, I kept a vegetable garden and the wife did her flowers, beaufiful flowers. Every year it got a little rougher on us but it was too much fun. I sure didn't miss shoveling snow last winter, I don't think I will ever miss that. The wife lost here oldest brother and watching him suffer kind of settled it, "we better get back while we can" mood kicked in. We had all the help we needed from our childern and made a coulpe of caravan trips after we had a contract on the property. After about a month of looking we found a townhome in a mostly senior resident area. Close enough to the Gulf we can enjoy that and close enough to the grandchildern we can enjoy them too. We were able to witness our first great grand child enter this world, it just don't get no better.  Adios, until next time!!

08/25/16 09:40 AM #34    

Mike Powell


it takes some gumption to make changes that need to be made. Glad it worked out so well for both of you and congratulations on that new baby.


08/25/16 10:41 AM #35    

Karen Newell (Bosch)

Good for you!  It makes moving a lot easier when your children are near by!  Wonderful weather makes the area a good place to spend your senior years.  Congrats on your great grand baby!  Does't seem possible does it?  LOL!

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